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Overcoming Together

Our course of action is focused on building a community of support and acceptance for the well-being of people who are overcoming mental health challenges, through our social media, monthly conference for open mental health discussions, and various in-person meetings and events. We also raise awareness about various mental health conditions through our educational programs and campaigns.


We need your voice and your presence! Contact us to learn more about or join our growing community.

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Impacting Lives

We have established our volunteer program in Ontario, Canada. Here we provide volunteer opportunities for people to be active, positive contributors to their communities and societal changes.

We spend a significant portion of our resources on volunteering.


Join us and become a leader of love! Visit our Volunteer page to sign up, or contact our team to learn more.

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"You're that flame in the sky

No one could ever put you out

Without you there would be no light


Don't you know how delighting you are?"

- Inna Gordeyeva

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Ontario, Canada