Our programs and services are designed to help individuals find the help, support and community that they need. See the list of our active and useful programs and services below.


Desert Plant

Mentor Me program is intended to assist with personal growth and/or provide support through mental health recovery processes. Our team of qualified, and empathetic mental health educators provide mentorship services to youths and adults who are interested in setting goals and expectations for their lives and personal growth. Our educators provide one-on-one and group mentorship. This is a free program that can last between 2 to 3 months. Our mentors are your friend!

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Group Hike

Active Leaders Adult (ALA) club is an optional aspect of our mentorship program. We want to encourage socializing and self-care through this club where adults can experience life and mingle with a community of likeminded overcomers. Our club activities include sports (golfing, fishing, hiking, etc.), group vacation trips, VIP invitation to our end of year or mid-year evening ball/ banquet party, and more! Whether you are interested in the Mentor Me program or not, you can sign up for ALA Club if this is of interest to you.


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Hands Together

The purpose of our volunteer program is to engage individuals about the importance of community service through volunteering in various local opportunities. Being a volunteer member of our outreach team will give people the opportunity to make a lasting positive difference in people’s mental health, experience and connect with diverse humanitarian organizations, and meet amazing people. Volunteering can also be beneficial to each individual as serving others can have many mental health benefits. 

Some of our outreach efforts include, but isn't limited to, serving individuals in shelters, helping at food banks, helping to clean up a neighborhood during the end of Fall season, and many more. 

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